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Five Cool Cars We Love From TV History

Last updated on November 7, 2019 at 10:47 am

Holy insurance blog, Batman! This week marks the anniversary premiere date of the delightfully campy Batman television series, and we here at Plymouth Rock Assurance want to celebrate! That’s right before Christian Bale adorned the Batsuit on the big screen, Adam West was cruising around the small screen in the original Batmobile, a Lincoln Futura. And even though this concept car never found itself parked in driveways, it will always have a parking spot in this comic nerd’s heart thanks to the caped crusader.

Now, 48 years after it originally aired, this four-wheeled turbine has my wheels turning: What other cool TV cars would I want to take for a spin to get groceries? So,”Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.” Plymouth Rock is “ready to move out” with some cars we want to keep in our insurance Batcave!

Mach 5 – This 180-mile-per-hour speed racer is in retirement from cartoon crime fighting. Today you can see it showing up for events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But I suppose, if there were danger afoot, a drag racer with front rotating saw blades would be one way to neutralize a threat.

KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) – Continuing with another crime fighting dragster, Knight Rider gave us the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am named KITT. Did anyone think David Hasselhoff would predict the future of car technology when he solved crimes in a talking, self-driving car? The most impressive prediction of all: the snarky attitude from my GPS.

The Mystery Machine – The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo would probably need the most unique coverage of all the cars that have made this list. What kind of coverage would one need for ghosts? Would a boogey monster attack fall under a comprehensive claim? These are just a couple of the many important foibles in the insurance world. Just do us a favor, if you do end up driving around trying to solve mysteries…don’t let your talking dog drive…

The General Lee – Another contributor to our blog made it very clear that no car list would be complete without The General Lee. She is right. Let’s be clear though, the Dukes of Hazzard stunt car is an insurance nightmare. Apparently, by the end of the series, there was an army of destroyed Dodge Chargers after having crashed upwards of 300 Generals.

The Simpsons Family Sedan – Here is another car that has been wrecked more than a few times. Homer Simpson is a terrible driver. There, I said it. In fact, between radioactive Homer running stop signs and Marge almost running her husband over in the credits each night, none of the Simpsons should be behind the wheel. So when the inevitable occurs and the whole household has their licenses revoked, maybe I can get the car? While I don’t think that the dented pink sedan with the clothes-hanger for an antenna is worth too much these days, everyone remembers their first TV car&#8212and all of that sentimental value could fill a couple piggy banks.

From the otherworldly cars, like KITT, to more traditional modes of transportation, like the Simpsons Family sedan, my Batcave would need plenty of parking spots…and mechanics. But remember, your car doesn’t need to come equipped with a grappling hook to feel safe next time you head to your secret hideout (or to get some milk). Until next time…stay tuned! Same Plymouth Rock time, same Plymouth Rock channel!

What television cars have kept you parked in your living room over the past 50 years?

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