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Plymouth Rock Congratulates College Graduates…

Last updated on November 12, 2019 at 01:00 pm

Graduation season is upon us, and we’re getting ready to welcome a flock of newly minted college graduates into the work world…and into the world of adult responsibilities (hint: think insurance).

The first year or so after college can be a bit of a blur. After a lifetime of school, it’s time to put the books away and put the suits on—if you’re headed for the buttoned-up corporate world or anywhere else that requires a uniform of sorts. We’ve put together some quick ideas you may want to think about now that you’ve got that diploma finally in hand:

Insurance is sexy. Now that we’ve got your attention, have you thought about your insurance? Yes, really. Your insurance needs are changing along with your responsibilities: maybe you’re moving to a new place and a new apartment and want to look into renters insurance; or maybe you’re getting a different car and need new insurance coverage. Whatever you’re up to, it makes sense to contact your local insurance agent and find out what coverage you’ll need for this next exciting phase of your life. Yay.

Insurance is your friend. Think insurance doesn’t matter? Don’t just wing it with your insurance coverage, especially now that you’re out in the real world (and out from under your parents’ protective wings). You may need more insurance than you think—or not, depending on your needs. Either way, now’s the perfect time to call an insurance agent and make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

Be prepared. Before you speak to an agent, it will help to have a sense of what your monthly budget will be after you graduate—what you’ll be spending on rent, car payments (if you have them), student loans, food and other basics. You’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about insurance and other “essential” expenses you’ll have coming up.

Congratulations to you and check out the link:

MoneySmartLife: Auto Insurance for College Graduates

Click here for more information about insurance in your state.

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