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Seven Ways Carpooling Can Make Your Life Better

Last updated on November 15, 2019 at 02:40 pm

Driving to work can be a drag. Even if you have your dream job, the time and expense of getting there can be a downer sometimes. Here are seven ways that being in a carpool can make your commute and your life better.

#1. You don’t have to drive as much. This means more time to relax, talk, read, gossip, or play Candy Crush on your phone. No matter how you spend your newfound free time, alternating who drives means less mileage for your car.

#2. You save money. Everyone likes money, and most people want to have more of it. Carpooling can help cut back on the cost of maintenance, gasoline, tires, oil changes, and tolls. Some families even find that carpooling allows them to be a one-car family— means even more savings on car payments, car insurance, and car upkeep.

#3. You can make some pretty great friends. We all see the sitcoms and commercials where people are stuck in a carpooling nightmare, but let’s be honest— would we ever do that to ourselves? In most cases, you will agree to carpool because it is with co-workers or individuals you like and want to get to know better.

#4. You can help save the planet. One less car is one less exhaust pipe polluting the planet. It also means less gas, resources, and everything that comes along with it. The planet will thank you.

#5. You will help reduce traffic. If more people carpooled, there would be less cars on the road creating traffic. You can start the trend in your office today. Plus, in many areas, you will have access to the HOV lanes, which can help shorten your commute.

#6. You can get stuff done. When not behind the wheel you can prep for your big meeting, make tonight’s grocery list, update your calendar, plan for the week, catch up on email, or see how your stocks did the night before.

#7. You will have less stress! If you add up all these benefits, it means one thing for you and that is less stress. You will be more relaxed, more focused, and will be a better driver when you are behind the wheel.

There you have it— ways carpooling will make your life better courtesy of the team here at Plymouth Rock Assurance. For more info, check out this list of 25 carpooling resources.  Share your car pooling stories with us by leaving a comment below. Or let us hear it on Facebook and Twitter!

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