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Tips on Choosing the Right Mechanic

Last updated on August 21, 2020 at 03:44 pm

Our vehicles are so much more to us than just cars. They bring home groceries, take the kids to the dentist and keep our families safe as we travel from point A to point B. Plymouth Rock Assurance also knows that whether you are in need of routine maintenance or unexpected repairs, it is important to bring your car to a knowledgeable and capable mechanic. With so many options available, how do we know whom to trust? Between car dealerships, local garages, auto store chains, and gas station repair shops, how do you pick the right mechanic for you?

The Dealerships

Bringing your car back to the dealership for servicing may not always be the cheapest way to service your car. But, it does guarantee that the dealership is well equipped with the tools needed to work on your specific make and model. Furthermore, the people working on your vehicle undergo extensive training on the cars sold by their specific dealership so you should be in capable hands.

Most dealerships offer added incentives for servicing your car such as shuttles back home or complimentary loaner cars. In order to remain competitive, you may find your dealership offers special deals on routine maintenance.

The Local Garage

When shopping around for a local garage, it is so important to ask around. Word of mouth rules when it comes to finding a good local garage. If a colleague, neighbor or family member had a positive experience with a specific garage, it’s likely you will too. Or, at least give them a shot. Call ahead to ensure the mechanic is familiar with your vehicle’s make and model and performs the type of service you need. Remember, not all mechanics can perform every service. Be sure to ask if the garage offers a shuttle or loaner car service.

The Major Chains

What kind of work does your vehicle need? You may find a major chain has more competitive rates. But, if you drive a luxury car or a recent model (three years or younger), it is recommended to seek a dealer or independent mechanic who specializes in your specific make/model. Luxury-vehicle customers tend to have higher expectations when it comes to servicing their car. Some luxury-car dealerships located near major airports even provide free parking and shuttle service to the airport while the owner’s vehicle is getting serviced or cleaned.

When shopping for a mechanic, regardless of what type of garage, word of mouth is always a great resource. You can even find reviews by looking on sites such as Yelp. Does the mechanic have any certifications? While having a certification does not guarantee the work of the individual, it does show strong commitment to learning and growing their skill set. Make sure whoever is working on your car explains the diagnosis in easy-to-understand terms. Often consumers are scared into expensive and sometimes unnecessary work because the mechanics use industry jargon. Last of all, remember always gets a cost estimate upfront before any repairs are completed.

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